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Refractometer | Al-Car-K

Supplier: Precision Light & Air

Al-Car-K is a refractometer that measures the density of the liquor-phase of a slurry - independent of suspended solids or mud.

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•  More than 100 installations in Australia and around the world;
•  24 month warranty;
•  Extensive after sales service;
•  Real-time and accurate;
•  In-line measurements;
•  Reliance on lab sampling for Caustic and A/C control is greatly
•  Operators can respond immediately to process disturbances
   and have near immediate feedback of changes initiated
•  Closed loop feed back control for Caustic dilution loops is
   absolutely achievable

The Sensor:

•  Uses a digital CCD array to detect light bend angle (critical angle)
    in the liquid phase of a solution;
•  This angle is directly proportional to the density of the liquid phase;
•  Use no moving parts, pots or dials and as the measurement is
   digital and all parts are fixed, it is completely free from signal drift;
•  Method of critical angle detection is also immune to the effects of
   bubbles, suspended solids (up to 90% suspended solids), colour,
   vibration, flow, temperature and viscosity;
•  Is installed directly in the process piping or sidestream. We angle
   mount the sensor to reduce the effects of erosion;
•  Precision Light & Air can implement and maintain a flow velocity above 1.5 meters per
   second and they do not experience scaling on any installation.
•  Prism washing systems available for solids free or low velocity