Refractory anchors, stud welding system from Pressform Engineering

Pressform is an industry leader and specialist in the manufacture and installation of Refractory Anchors — required in industrial high-temperature kilns to ensure the reliable adherence of concrete linings to the interior surface of the kiln.

Pressform has been designing and manufacturing Refractory Anchors for 35 years and is the leading supplier of Refractory Anchors in Australia with an extensive range designed for any industrial application.

Pressform also provides a full custom design and manufacture service to suit specific project requirements, as well as a specialised Stud Welding System designed to radically improve the efficiency of anchor installation.

The Pressform Stud Welding System has been designed to save client's precious project time by increasing Refractory Anchor installation rate by 1000 per cent. Traditional installation of Rod Lock and Rotor Lock Anchors has been implemented using conventional welding techniques at a rate of around 15 lugs per hour. The Pressform technique improves the rate to an impressive 150 lugs per hour.

With its extensive knowledge of industry, Pressform has also developed the patented Spring Locking Clip to provide the utmost security and ensure Anchors remain in position throughout the concreting process.

To ensure each lug conforms to the required weld integrity, Pressform has designed and produced a simple-to-use testing device. Lugs are supplied by Pressform and available in carbon steel, stainless steel and nickel alloys.

The revolutionary Pressform Stud Welding System is included as part of the full Refractory Anchor installation service provided by Pressform.

Pressform's team of experts will assess, install and test projects of any size across Australia to the highest standards. All welding is carried out to the required Australian Standards.

Alternatively, The Stud Welding System can be procured individually on a project by project basis and includes a mobile welder, with all necessary leads, welding hand pieces and ancillary equipment which can be securely packed into a robust container for transport to most industrial locations.

Pressform will supply all the equipment and consumables required including the stud welder, welding guns, testing device, cables, spare parts, anchor wires, lugs and ceramics. All of which can be delivered to any location or worksite.