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Regroup is headquartered in Australia and managed by Australian ex-military personnel.

Regroup operates in some of the world’s most hazardous, lawless and hostile environments including Afghanistan and Iraq.

We define 'hostile environments' as any region of the world experiencing diminished law and order, terrorism, civil war, kidnapping, kidnap-for-ransom and unlawful detention.

Regroup's core business is the supply of critical defensive and protective services in hostile environments.

Regroup provides a diverse range of services which are called upon by clients to reduce the risks to which they, their employees, sub-contractors and assets are exposed.

Our clients include:Governments, Major corporations, Private companies & local businesses ,Humanitarian Aid Organisations,International Peace Organisations ,Individuals and their families

Regroup has a worldwide network and a dedicated team of professionals who are all experts in their field.

All Regroup personnel are recruited and vetted to ensure they have an exceptionally high level of regional and operational experience.

This is followed by a comprehensive Pre-Deployment Training (PDT) program.

Regroup complies with local laws, customs and regulations when operating offshore

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Regroup is a leading provider of defensive and protective services in overtly hostile environments. Regroup combines military and defence related backgrounds with extensive industry experience.

This is why many of the world’s top companies choose Regroup to protect their people, assets and reputation.

Regroup is the trusted and preferred choice for your defensive and protective needs

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