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Regulatory Database | Galleria Chemica

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The Galleria Chemica Regulatory Database allows you to identify all substances of interest to your organisation.

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Regulation drawn:

  • From more than 100 countries
  • From more than 1700 lists
  • For more than 600,000 substances
  • For more than 6000 chemical families

Delivered over the web

Updated daily

Features of the Galleria Chemica Regulatory Database:

  • Chemicals Management requires up-to-date information about International Regulation and recent literature findings related to EHS
  • "Official" views undergo constant revision as various expert groups contribute to the current state of accepted "wisdom"
  • Galleria Chemica captures this wisdom in a comprehensive database
  • More than 2.5 million substances, 600,000 CAS Numbers
  • More than 1000 Regulatory Lists from 70+ countries on every continent and from all regions
  • Complete substance dossiers include animal and ecotoxicity profiles
  • More than 10,000 monographs from more than 100 agencies including government and industry groups
  • All data fully indexed allowing searches by CAS Number, EINECS / ELINCS Number, METI Number, FEMA Number, C.I. Number etc, etc.
  • Molecular Drawing tools allow searches based on molecular structure

To view the Galleria Chemica Regulatory Database video please click here