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Reliable robot cables - the move towards industry 4.0

Supplier: Treotham Automation By: Melissa Paltoft
17 June, 2016

Automation and robotically controlled production processes are constantly increasing in industry. To speed up the production processes even further, the need for three-dimensional motion is growing.

Energy supply systems for robotics require specially designed cables that can withstand torsional stresses and maximum loads. In contrast to cables for linear movements, the cores in robot cables are conducted softly, so that they can breathe when they twist and untwist in torsion.

Igus offers over 100 types of cables that have been designed for these complex movements and torsion. Some of these include control cables, single cores, fibre optic, motor, servo, measuring system, bus and hybrid cables, all guaranteeing a lifetime of more than three million cycles.

The Chainflex robotic cables from igus are for torsional stresses of ±180° per metre of cable. They are flame retardant, oil resistant, UV resistant and are capable of hydrolysis. They also offer resistance at high or very low temperatures. A combination of these different properties is available as both shielded and unshielded robotic cables.