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Remote Site Management - Opengear ACM5000

Supplier: Opengear Pty Ltd

Advanced console manager. 1-4 serial (Cisco pinout), 2 USB and 1-2 Ethernet ports. Internal analog modem, 3G cellular or 802.11n options

Price Guide: AUD $358

The ACM5000 line of products give network managers simple and cost effective tools for managing the environment and all the network, power, computer infrastructure and other smart devices in their small and large distributed networks. Organizations can now centrally monitor the status of all the remote outlets and centralize alarms to set up automatic shut-downs to be triggered in the event of battery back-up outages or excessive operating temperatures.

In event of an outage, they can access all their branch office sites out of band and reboot the systems using the inbuilt service processors. Or they can run software applications on the virtual servers at the head office that communicates securely to serial devices at the remote sites.

The ACM5000 family uses an embedded FIPS140-2 cryptographic module and employs IPsec VPN for advanced security to meet the most demanding applications.

Out of Band
The ACM5000 can be ordered with integrated 802.11n wireless, 3G cellular or analog modem cards. The heartbeat monitor can trigger dial back or redundant path during network outages. Be prepared for disaster recovery and ensure maximum uptime.

2 Gig USB Flash Drive for TFTP Server
Store local copies of router and switch configurations on the flash for disaster recovery. This allows you to make backups of existing configurations before making changes, that way if you break it you can simply roll back the config.

Offline Logs
Store offline logs on our USB flash to provide an audit trail, we log both the serial ports and the available networks to provide syslog, keylogging and a .pcap file for wireshark.

Pattern Match Alerting
Proactively scanning the serial stream on the console ports for specific errors or phrases. We monitor the traffic on the serial port and will watch for user defined patterns or phrases and send alerts via SMS text or email based on pattern match.

Hotkey Power on RPS/PDU
Imagine yourself having out of band access to a dead communications device that is entirely locked up in a frozen condition, simply hotkey via SSH or telnet to launch our power menu to check power status, power cycle, turn off or on. We have support for thousands of RPS/PDU units, both serial and SNMP connected units.

Unlike other proprietary vendors Opengear allows access to the Linux core including bash. Why do I need this? Well, you can create proactive self-healing solutions that cycle power on a router or switch on ping failure.

  • 2, 3 or 4 RS-232 Serial console ports for accessing routers and firewalls
  • Free PortShare COM port redirection software for legacy serial applications
  • Cisco Compatible Cabling use straight CAT5 cable
  • Dual 10/100 Ethernet option for segmented private network access
  • Encrypted authenticated access for local for secure management
  • Power Management and UPS monitoring with alerts and graceful shutdown
  • 2 Gig USB flash for offline logs, scripts and configurations
  • Built-in Temperature Monitoring with Alerts
  • Dry contacts for external water sensors, smoke detectors, motion detectors
  • Internal V.92 modem, 3G cellular or 802.11 wireless for flexible out-of-band access
  • External USB for adding custom adapters