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Remotely manned weighbridge minimises operator tasks

Supplier: Ultrahawke
21 March, 2013

A Load Cell Weighbridge is being operated as a Remotely Manned Weighbridge at a recycling depot in regional Victoria.

A Remotely Manned Weighbridge requires a combination of inputs from both the driver and the weighbridge operator to complete a vehicle weighing.
The benefit of a Remotely Manned Weighbridge is that the driver enters the required details that he is accountable for with the weighbridge operator finalising the vehicle weighing to produce a Legal for Trade weighting transaction.

To minimise input requirements of both the vehicle driver and the weighbridge operator, an assortment of weighbridge automation is implemented in Ultrahawke’s Remotely Manned Weighbridge, including:
  • A ZERO Button allows drivers to zero the display before entering the weighbridge
  • A Card Reader allows automatic data entry of truck/driver details
  • Vehicle Positional Sensors ensure correct vehicle positioning on the weighbridge
  • Traffic Lights control traffic movements across the weighbridge
  • CCTV Cameras allow the operator an un-interrupted view of the weighbridge
  • Large Digit Remote Display displays the gross vehicle weight to the driver
Ultrahawke also supplied Weighbridge Software pre-loaded onto a PC to track all weighing transactions and to produce extensive management reporting details.
Ultrahawke also supplied the semi-pit weighbridge used in this Remotely Manned Weighbridge application. Unlike a fully in-ground weighbridge, a semi-pit weighbridge doesn’t require a confined spaces permit for performing cleaning or servicing tasks.
Ultrahawke is Australia’s largest supplier of weighbridges and has manufactured over 5000 weighing products since 1857. Ultrahawke operates out of a state of the art weighbridge manufacturing facility based in Melbourne’s northern suburbs and has an extensive network of sales and service agents located in all Australian states.