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Repairing underwater pipe leakages without interrupting the flow

Supplier: Global Pumps
17 May, 2012

The Sealtek T600 and T500 from Global Pumps are used to stop leakages in damaged pipes.

The Sealtek pipe repair solutions are resistant to a number of corrosive fluids and can be used in various chemical and mining processes, which do not have to be interrupted to stop the leakage.

Sealtek can be used not only for stopping leakages in on-ground pipes, but the T600 can also be used for stopping underwater leakages in pipes. There are many applications that use underwater pipelines for transferring fluids. Sealtek T600 repairs leakages in these pipes quickly and effectively.

To use Sealtek T600 for stopping underwater leakages, it should be prepared in the same way as for ground pipes. To do this, the required part of the product, which is available in the form of a stick, is removed. It is then twisted and kneaded until a uniform colour is obtained and no streaks are left.

The prepared material is then ready to be applied to the underwater pipes and stop the leakage. The product is applied directly to the parent material and not to the film of water.

To achieve this, the engineer or technician should apply pressure to the center of the repair point using his or her finger and apply this pressure progressively outwards towards the periphery. This helps remove the moisture film between the repair material and the parent material.

To protect your hands while applying Sealtek T600 it is advisable to use Barrier Cream or lightweight disposable gloves. Wash off any areas of the body that may have come in contact with the product with soap and water.

Sealtek T600 and other products in this series are marketed in Australia and New Zealand by Global Pumps.