Replace Leased Lines Cost Effectively

Supplier: Omnitronics
10 November, 2008

Make use of your existing IP network to replace the leased lines currently used to connect your radio communications infrastructure.

IP networks are increasingly accessible in both regional and metro areas using either a LAN, WAN or DSL.  If your organisation is using IP networks for email and other IT functions, the additional cost of using VoIP is typically marginal, certainly more cost effective than leased lines.
Omnitronics offer reliable VoIP solutions that are compatible with existing communication infrastructures, meaning you don't have to break the budget on a complete system upgrade.  The Omnitronics IPR100 VoIP adaptor offers many advantages including: 
• Flexible communications
• Cost savings
• Ability to reliably transport signalling schemes, such as SELCAL, over low bandwidth links with voice & data compression
• Compatibility with existing infrastructure
• Easy to use with built-in plug and play functionality
A typical Leased Line Replacement application is outlined in the diagram