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Report: Productivity wanes just 8 weeks after a vacation

Supplier: Mitrefinch Australia By: Katrina Hall
23 September, 2015

Fancy a holiday?

In case you needed another reason to take one, a recent report found that it takes just 56 days for employee motivation to begin to drop after returning from vacation. The obvious implication of this research is that more regular holidays are beneficial for boosting productivity.

However, the same study found that more than half of respondents only take a vacation once or twice per year with a worrying eight per cent having worked straight through the past 12 months with any break at all.

The reasons employees in the survey tended to refrain from taking regular breaks included a lack of finances, work pressures, and ongoing projects at work

Australia’s National Employment Standards entitle workers to paid annual leave of about four weeks in addition to ten days of sick leave. While public service workers are encouraged to utilise their annual leave, and can be forced to do so after two months accrue, many still have stockpiled leave. Stockpiling is also preferred by workers in the private sector.

Recent data shows that Australian workers have an annual leave stockpile of a staggering 129 million days, worth an estimated AUD 33 billion. About a quarter of the workforce has 25 or more days accrued.

Want to make it easier for your staff to take time off?

A workforce management system, with employee self-service functionality, empowers your staff to manage their own time and attendance in a controlled, accessible and efficient way. Employees can view their accrued leave, associated entitlements, and request updates to their personal records without having to bother the time-strapped HR department.