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Residential Lifts | Independence Range | Southern Lifts - Gemini

Supplier: Southern Lifts

Our Independence range does what it says - gives the freedom to move about the house to those who otherwise might find, for a variety of reasons, the place is simply getting beyond them. Occupying a small space, reliable, safe and very cost-effective, the Independence lifts helps the couple or individual extend the time they can stay in their home. And isn't that what it's all about?

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The Residential Lifts | Independence Range | Southern Lifts - Gemini……

Designed and manufactured in Australia for people with limited mobility this lift offers an economical choice for domestic use. To be installed externally the Residential Lifts | Independence Range | Southern Lifts - Gemini is manufactured to travel approximately 3 metres in 45 seconds to 2 levels with a lifting capacity of 250kg (2 people including 1 in a wheel chair) This lift is operated by electrical push buttons. Telephone is included.

The lift is water driven power with direct acting cylinders on each side of the car. Fabricated from aluminium it has the added bonus of external cladding using folded colourbond sections.

We believe that the Residential Lifts | Independence Range | Southern Lifts - Gemini is the most cost effective lift on the market and it can go outdoors!



Manufactured in:  Australia by an Australian owned family company
Standard Compliant:  AS1735 part 17
Application:       Residential use only
Installation:       External only  
                         Crane in or dismantle 
                         The lift complete with cladded tower of folded white colourbond panels.
Powered:          Water Hydraulic with diret acting cylinders on each side of the lift car
Travels:             2 levels
Speed:              Travel 3 metres in 45 seconds
Lifting Capacity:  250kg (2 people including 1 in a wheel chair)
Car Size:             900mm wide x 1300mm deep & 2000mm high
Frame:                Self supporting lift shaft fabricated from Aluminium
Pit Depth:            80mm
The Gemini is fitted with a swing action door. The door is constructed with an aluminium frame sheeted with white colourbond to the internal surface. The frame is left open on the external side. The door is 1850mm high and 860mm wide. All doors are fitted with mechanical electric interlock, an externally mounted fully adjustable automatic door closer, full length pull handle and a mesh vision panel.
Car Fitout: 
Fabricated with a welded aluminium frame and lined with white colourbond.  The lift car is not provided with a roof.
Stations:     Electrical push button controls 
                   Key lockable to prevent unwanted users 
                   Illuminated indications 
                   Emergency stop button 
                   Weatherproof stations are available for external landing stations
Safety features: 
 Stainless steel handrail 
 Non - slip floor covering indoor/outdoor carpet
 Emergency Telephone
 Two diachronic down lights
 Key lockable push button controls 
 Emergency stop button in the lift car
 Photo electric sensors across the door entrance
 Back up battery power for lighting & lowering of the car
 Emergency lowering facility provided in the machine cabinet
 A non-reversal timer of 5 seconds is fitted to allow the rider in the car to open the landing door once the car has stopped without the threat of the car being called by another operator.
Machine Cabinet:
 Lockable painted metal cabinet 600mm wide x 300mm deep x 1800mm high
 This cabinet is to be located at the lower landing adjacent to the lift shaft
 The following is a list of the equipment housed in this cabinet:
 - Electrical Main switch for the lift
 - Power supply
 - Cabinet light
 - Pressure Pump
 - Electrical control board
 - Hydraulic control board
 - Holding tank with level sight indicator
 - Emergency Battery Back up with charger
 - Emergency instructions & tools
We recommend that the lift be serviced at no greater intervals than 12 months. This will keep the lift in a safe and serviceable condition.
Warranty: 12 months on all parts and labour excluding misuse and/or malicious damage.
Work by others:
 Telephone cable to the lift shaft 
 240w power to be supplied to the Machine cabinet
 Concrete pad for the lift