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Residential Wall Panel System - Hebel®

Supplier: Guardian Building Products

The Hebel® Power Panel is made from a non-toxic lightweight masonry called Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAAC).

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The advanced process produces extremely small, finely dispersed air pockets within the material. This results in a lightweight aerated concrete panel, which is about a quarter the weight of conventional brickwork. Steel reinforcing is placed within the panels during production to provide a strong and robust construction panel ready for installation.

Hebel® Panel Wall Systems provide a solid, attractive and versatile external cladding for your home. The following is a short summary of the installation process:

  • Foundations
    A concrete slab, bearers and joists or most other systems can be used.
  • Framing & Windows
    Timber or steel wall and roof framing (much the same as for brick veneer or sheet cladding). Windows are installed.
  • Damp-course
    Appropriate damp-course/flashing (water barriers) installed to the entire perimeter of the framing to the underside of the Hebel panel.
  • Tophat Battens
    Horizontal steel tophats are fixed to the outside face of exterior wall framing
  • CSR Hebel Wall Panels
    Panels are screw fixed to the horizontal steel tophat battens and trowelled at the vertical edges with CSR Hebel Thin Bed Adhesive.
  • Exterior Surface Preparation
    All screw holes are filled, all window frames and control joints (joints which allow for structural movement) are sealed against moisture.
  • Exterior Coating
    Your chosen texture coating and colours are applied.


  1. Design Freedom
    CSR Hebel Residential Panel Wall System allows you to capture your inner architectural flare, creating a modern, comfortable - and most importantly - a practical home to suit the way you live.
  2. Enviro-Friendly
    CSR Hebel requires less raw material - just one thire the materials used for clay bricks and a quarter of that needed to produce conventional concrete. Even the steam generated from production is recycled.
  3. Heating and Cooling
    The efficient insulating properties of CSR Hebel materials mean that your home will require less energy for heating and cooling. CSR Hevel Panel Wall System has almost twice the thermal performance of standard brick veneer.
  4. Peace & Quiet
    CSR Hebel Panel Wall systems can help you create a tranquil retreat from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. CST Hebel has proven to be effective against low frequency sounds.
  5. Fire & Pest Resistant
    CSR Hebel Panels are non-combustible and provide a three-hour fire resistance rating, three times the Building Code of Australia (June 2004) requirement.
  6. Solid Durability
    It has the reassuring feel of traditional masonry, with the added strength, durability and security provided by the reinforcing steel in every CSR Hebel Panel.
  7. Installation Benefits
    In terms of wall area, one panel is equivalent to laying about 72 bricks. This makes it considerably easier and faster to install, they are also remarkably to cut, drill, rout and even shape using conventional tools.
  8. A Great Choice
    When you choose CSR Hebel Panel Wall Systems for your home, you not only benefit from the faster and easier construction methods, while your budget will benefit because your house will gain more internal living space and will be a stand out home in your suburb.