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Resin Based Flooring Systems - Rapidshield

Supplier: Nuplex Construction Products

RapidShield is a high gloss 100% solid, UV curing, permanent industrial floor coating intended for use on concrete floors.

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RapidShield is a high gloss 100% solid, UV curing, permanent industrial floor coating intended for use on concrete floors. The RapidShield product range is cured using proprietary Nuplex UV curing units.

RapidShield is formulated using only reactive 100% solids materials in order to conform to LEED Guidelines and is NSF Registered for Non-Food Compounds R2 Category.

Product Suitability
RapidShield is used as both a sealer/primer coat on freshly prepared concrete and as a final top coat over top of itself or RapidShield Colours. RapidShield Colours are applied directly to RapidShield (applied as a primer/sealer) for purposes such as demarcation lines, designation of safety areas, truck traffic ways and walkways.

RapidShield is then applied as a topcoat over RapidShield colours or RapidShield, applied as a sealer/primer, in order to provide optimum cleaning and durability. RapidShield may also be used at as a dust sealer coat (one coat only) on power float floors.

RapidShield is designed to provide a light to medium duty, high gloss, easily cleaned surface in industrial environments. Tyre marks left by fork lift truck traffic are easily removed. It is suitable for use in industrial workshops, production warehouses and processing areas.

Slip Resistance
A fine-to-medium textured finish can be achieved by the use of specific fine aggregates. During the final top coat application and prior to UV curing, a specific size and quantity of aggregate can be scattered into the wet surface to provide the required non-slip properties.


  • The minimum floor application temperature for RapidShield is 10¢ªC and 3¢ªC above dew point.
  • Optimum application temperature is 20oC. Maximum relative humidity is 85%.
  • Where high impact and aggressive wear resistance is required, please consult your Nuplex representative or local CFC (Certified Flooring Contractor).
  • RapidShield should not be applied to new or wet concrete floors; floor humidity above 200m (CR1.5, 75RH) would not be suitable for the RapidShield product.


  • No VOC
  • Excellent cleaning
  • Instant curing
  • High gloss film
  • Excellent wear resistance

For more information on Resin Based Flooring Systems - Rapidshield, please click on Technical Data Sheets and MSDS.