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Resin injection re-supports heritage buildings

Supplier: Mainmark
06 October, 2011

Uretek had completed 10,000 projects in Australia and New Zealand by July 2011.

These included re-supporting and re-levelling a number of heritage buildings. Most of these were churches, schools, town halls and cottages.

Those heritage jobs involved a very wide range of footings, mostly bluestone (basalt), sandstone and brick, the common footing materials found in heritage buildings in Australia - a few had virtually no footings at all.

Uretek’s unique and patented process of Deep-Injection typically plays a major role in such heritage restoration by renewing and increasing ground support for the old structures.

Uretek expanding resin injection is also used to bring the most of these heritage buildings back to level. After ground support has been maximised continued injection normally brings the footings back to as close to the original level as possible, usually to within a millimetre or two.

Also, just as with other structures, the wall cracks in heritage buildings usually close up as the footings are re-levelled. Then in most cases all that is required to complete the restoration is plastering and painting inside or re-pointing of outside brickwork.

We say 'usually close up' because movements may have occurred over the years to prevent full closure and sometimes an accumulation of grit, rubble or patching will prevent the cracked element coming together. But in most cases only a small amount of patching is needed prior to re-painting.

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