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Resource Recovery

Supplier: Benedict

Our new Benedict Recycling facility at Chipping Norton is dedicated to increase resource recovery across a range of waste streams, including Construction & Demolition (C&D) Waste, Commercial and Industrial (C&I) Waste and Industrial Residues currently going to landfill.

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Introduction to Resource Recovery & the current industry climate

What is Resource Recovery?

The Department of Environment and Climate Change (DECC) defines it as:

“Resource Recovery maximises the options for reuse, reprocessing, recycling and energy recovery at the highest net value of the recovered material.

This encourages the efficient use of recovered resources while supporting the principles of improved environmental outcomes and ecologically sustainable development. Resource recovery can also embrace new and emerging technologies.”

Our new Benedict recycling facility at chipping norton is dedicated to increase resource recovery across a range of waste streams, including construction & demolition (c&d) waste, commercial and industrial (c&i) waste and industrial residues currently going to landfill.

What are the benefits of Resource Recovery?

According to Government data, less than 10% of the estimated 2.5 million tonnes of C&I waste generated in Sydney each year is currently recycled; the rest of this potentially valuable resource goes straight to landfill.

Historically, the main reason for this low C&I recycling rate is due to the wide and disparate range of materials and sizes that it contains and the difficulty in sorting it out. Our new plant overcomes these difficulties.

C&D waste however, has a large component of recoverable materials that are more easily processed into a product for reuse by consumers. This includes, recycled aggregates and road bases.

How does Benedict Recycling recover these resources?

At Benedict Recycling, materials such as wood, metals, plastic, paper, sand, soil, and rubble are separated with a collection of sophisticated sorting equipment including coupled with manual picking. These materials are all reprocessed for use as recycled substitutes or returned to industry for reuse.

The timber fraction is planned to power a 5.5MW Co-generation plant, which was recently approved by Council and DECC and will commence operation in early 2009.

Meanwhile, much of the paper, plastic and metals that we separate and bale will be exported overseas improving Australia’s balance of trade.

Our Chipping Norton facility has been purpose built to process these wastes and it is the only facility in Australia with this capability and is the first of several planned for the Sydney region.

 Furthermore, we are exploring the need for these facilities across Australia and New Zealand. Here at Chipping Norton, Benedict Recycling is turning Sydney’s waste into a valuable resource for the benefit of the Company and its employees, our local community, and the Australian economy.

If your Company is experiencing large waste disposal costs, please contact Benedict Recycling for help with even the most difficult waste streams. Let us solve your waste problem!

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