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Respond to changing business conditions

Supplier: Microsoft Dynamics
16 May, 2013

Respond to changing business conditions.

Microsoft Dynamics business solutions promote IT agility

Responding quickly to business needs can be the key to gaining and keeping a competitive edge. But inflexible IT systems can get in the way. An enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that is flexible and easy to use can play a critical role in helping your business achieve the agility it requires.

Your business can respond rapidly to changing conditions with a solution that enables your IT team to:

  • Easily customise forms and screens for employees in specific roles.
  • Quickly build custom reports to accommodate new customers or revised regulatory requirements.
  • Take advantage of out-of-the-box Web services and connectors to add new functionality as needed.
  • Add new facilities and companies, whether through merger, acquisition, or growth, to a central ERP implementation.
  • Accommodate changes in staffing with easy-to-use security and user-provisioning functionality.
  • Add new modules, including fully integrated, industry-specific functionality.
  • Develop additional, highly customised functionality using familiar development tools to take your ERP solution even further.

Microsoft Dynamics business solutions can help your IT team establish the agile IT environment that your business requires. Here’s how:

  • Taking advantage of an object-oriented development environment and compact source code to connect to other systems.
  • Configuring and customizing by using an open architecture and object-oriented development environment.
  • Modifying screens without changing underlying code.
  • Applying business logic to automate functions using a built-in programmatic interface.
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