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Restoring culverts in a rainforest area

Supplier: Mainmark
08 May, 2014

Problem: Voided culverts cease to operate properly and threaten roadway.

Three culverts located in a very high rainfall part of Far North Queensland rainforest were requiring correction. The excessive rainwater had caused a great deal of voiding around and under the culverts. Not only were the culverts not functioning properly, but also the integrity of the roadway above the culverts would have shortly come under threat.

This road was one of the major routes through the area and consequently carried considerable traffic. At the same time the area was one of major environmental importance and was therefore very sensitive to disturbance.

There were four major requirements:

1. To seal and re-align the culverts to ensure their correct operation
2. To re-support the road way above the culverts
3. To minimise interruption to traffic on this surprisingly busy forest road
4. Not to cause any impact on the pristine environment

Solution: Engineers opted for the Uretek expanding resin injection method

The engineers consulting to the council advised that the uretek Method would best achieve the required outcomes:

The Uretek Method was by far the most cost-effective way to fix the problems, as the alternative of closing the roads and replacing the culverts would have been far too costly.

Working from the inside of the slippery, wet pipes for two long days, the Uretek team correctly re-aligned the culverts, sealed all the leaking joints and filled 10 cubic metres of voids.

Result: Culvert area restored with minimal interruption or environmental impact

During the whole project traffic was held up for only the briefest intervals.

The culverts were re-aligned and re-supported. And the roadway above was re-supported. No Uretek material escaped into the environment and there was not even any noticeable impact on the area immediately around the culverts.