Collaboration of Intercept Technology and Mascoat Australia ensured corrosion and high temperature protection of the Subsea Trees being shipped and stored in the oil and gas fields of North Western Australia.

Intercept Technology Woven Covers are a revolutionary technological advancement that bonds solid state reactive materials (bonded copper particles) into a polymer matrix. This matrix then reacts with and neutralises all corrosive gases that pass through or come in contact with the Intercept material.

These active corrosion sites have created a torturous path for corrosive gases trying to migrate through the Intercept woven material. As a trademarked design they encompass the units in a two part system design which can be easily fitted and removed as required. The covers provide unique fitted lifting points which can be safely zipped closed to prevent exposure on transport and eliminate any foreign materials being transported with the equipment.

The formulation of Mascoat Weatherbloc IC spray on insulation coating makes it ideal for use in marine environments and on equipment due to its ability to prevent solar heat gain and provide UV resistance which may degrade other materials. It also provides a protective moisture barrier to discourage any oxidation and subsequent corrosion, thereby adding a unique protection layer to the Intercept Woven material.