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Reverse Parking Sensors & Parking Sensors

Supplier: Professional Car Accessory's

How often have you had trouble judging distances while you were reversing or front on parking your car? Reverse Parking Sensors take the guesswork out of parking.

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Reverse Parking Sensors uses ultrasonic technology mounted in your front or rear bumper bars to give you real-time monitoring of the distance between your car and any object you may be parking toward.

As the distance closes, the Reverse sensors will give you different beeping tones (or see different coloured lights on the display unit), alerting you to the exact distance between your car and any potential obstacle.

Reverse Parking Systems will also protect you from reversing into something that is in your blind spot, Reverse Sensors will also warn you if a child is riding his bike across your drive way shopping trolley or unwary pedestrian.

How do reverse sensors work?

The Reverse Sensors Ultrasonic Technology emits a cone wave of sound behind or in front of the vechicle where ever the sensors are mounted which bounces off the obstacles and returns to the sensor heads,

The time taken for these sound waves to bounce and return off the obstacles is how it calculates the distance between the car and the obstacles. A Reverse Sensor self-check program runs when the car is started to ensure the unit is operational and that the Reverse Sensors are working correctly

The unit will alert the driver in the event of any failure. The Reverse Parking Sensors we fit are the same technology fitted as OEM equipment on cars from new ( Factory Fitted style).

Benefits of having Reverse Sensors fitted

The obvious safety, advantages and financially Reverse Parking Sensors will pay for themselves if it prevents you from damaging your vehicle, Unfortunately most customers I have been installing Reverse Parking Sensors for have had trouble parking their cars, whether it's because you can't see out the back window, due to blind spots in the vehicle, or more simply it might just be a hard car to judge,

Unfortunately they have learnt the hard way and they always say to us, it would have been cheaper to have the Reverse Sensors installed before I backed into that car. Then Insurance wise now you have an excess on your policy claim which is more than what we charge to supply and fit our Reverse Parking Sensors kit.Then we have that Thought will this claim impact my next years renewal fees. Reverse Sensors will also help you park in confidence in front of people, without having someone telling you how far away you are from the other obstacle to avoid damaging the vehicle or your pride.

Which are the best Reverse Sensors?

So you're wondering which is the better Reverse Parking Sensors to buy, as always the OEM Technology Has been put to the test, the car manufactures do a lot of research into the REVERSE PARKING SENSORS-REVERSE SENSORS they will be Installing, Hence why we recommend the SMART PARK SYSTEM (Reverse Parking Sensors).

Because it is an "OEM Product." Most Reverse Sensor systems are not OEM standards SMART PARK is the only system fitted after market that will control both Front and Rear Sensors of the vehicle in one unit.

Car-Accessory's Provide a range of different Reverse Parking Sensors-Reverse Sensors-Park Assist Sensors-Front Sensors, Each system should be specific for your needs, All sensors are colour coded and flush mounted.

Installation of reverse sensors

Most of these Reverse Sensor systems require a professional installer to get the best setup out of your systems and the most obvious of course, that we see everyday there will be know wires hanging down behind the bumper bars.

Ordering Reverse Sensors

Order Times Generally within 24-48 Hours we can supply and fit our systems, depending on colour.

Price $329.00 Installed + $60.00 to match your cars colour code