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Reverse Sensor | Parking Sensors Rear Style

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Offer extra protection for your vehicles. Parksafe,offers ultra wide view (160 degrees) detection which eliminates blind spots, giving you greater piece of mind.

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Parksafe Parking Sensors

Parksafe are simply the most proven & reliable parking sensors on the market with over 5.2 MILLION systems been sold to date June 2010.

The Parksafe R2 Parking Sensors have two modes, Standard Mode and Object Recognition Mode.
If the Tow Bar tongue and ball are left on the vehicle, when you are not towing anything the Reverse Parking Sensors may in some cases "see the Tow Bar" and cause a false object reading & activate the piezo buzzer when reverse gear is activated.
It is recommended to have the R2 Object Recognition Model activated upon installation of the Parksafe System.
The R2 Object Recognition Mode is activated by the Qualified Technican installer.

During the system diagnostic when reverse gear is engaged, the system will search for objects within 300mm from the rear bumper. Any objects detected in this area are measured; their position(s) are plotted and stored into the processors memory. The processor then ignores these plotted points as long as the distance remains constant between the bumper and the object.
Should the distance change on any or all of the objects retained in memory, the processor recognizes this and immediately alerts the driver that something is there.

The system re-scans for objects every time the driver selects reverse gear
To get the Best Results out of your Parking Sensors they must be installed by Qualified Auto Electrical Technician that understands the specification of these sensors.

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