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RF Wireless Warehousing Solution for Microsoft Dynamics AX

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The Scalable RF Wireless Warehousing solution provides advanced warehouse users with an inexpensive way of capturing data online at its source, while retaining the full power of Microsoft Dynamics AX software.

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Trade and Logistics / WMS I

PO Arrival (Packing Slip)
Receive material that has been ordered on a Purchase Order. In AX, this posts the packing slip for items on the Purchase Order.

Item Transfer
Transfer material from one warehouse and/or location to another. From- and to- storage dimensions can also be changed using the Inventory Transfer Journal.

Item Movement
Issue or receive material to a General Ledger Account. In AX this is done with the item movement journal

Directed Item Counting
Cycle count items from a predefined item counting journal. In AX this is done with the counting journal.

Random Item Counting
Count material without a predefined item counting journal. That journal is added in AX as count data is entered in RFS.

Item Profit and Loss
Adjust inventory (+/-) with a profit and loss journal.

Picking (WMS I)
Pick items for a sales or transfer order. This can be done with the AX Picking Route.

Add Item Barcode
Automates building the item barcode table used to Xref vendor/customer item numbers. In AX this can be found on the setup button in the item form.

Item / Location / Pallet Inquiries
View inventory on-hand, by location and by pallet.

Transfer Order Receiving
Receive items that were shipped on a transfer order.

Transfer Order Shipping
Used to ship Transfer Orders that have been picked.

PO Return
Returns purchased material for an existing Return Purchase Order.

SO Return
Process incoming/returned goods using an existing Return Sales Order.

Quarantine Order Create
Create a Quarantine Order.

Quarantine Order Processing
This performs the start, scrap, split, report at finished or end transaction on an existing Quarantine Order.

Quarantine Order Inquiry
Displays data related to an existing Quarantine Order.

Print Free-Form Labels
Prints labels using the data from workflow screens.

SO Packing Slip Update
Performs a packing slip update for a sales order (can also be updated during picking and packing).

PO Packing Slip Update
Updates a packing slip for a Purchase Order in AX. Can allow receipt of partial/whole orders depending on settings.

PO Receiving by Order ID (WMS I and II)
Posts a packing slip for a purchase order ID allowing all open PO lines to be received automatically.


PO Receiving - WMS II Arrival Journal
Performs Purchase Order Arrivals using the arrivals journal in WMS II.

Picking (WMS II)
Pick items to be shipped on a sales, transfer or production order. This can be done with the Picking Route.

Pallet Transport
Move a pallet within or between warehouses.

Pallet Move
Processes manual movements within/between warehouses.

Create Input Pallet
Creates an input pallet transport for pallets in inbound docks according to WMS II logic.

Sends a shipment and performs the Sales Order packing slip. Can optionally print the Bill Of Loading and/or Shipment List from AX.


Enables packing items into cartons using an RFSMART table to store carton/item-shipping information.

Carton Shipping
Ships cartons that are created using the packing workflow. This uses the RFSMART carton tables.

Pallet Staging

Picking (WMS II)
A workflow option that allows picking pallets to be created in the RF-SMART pallet staging table for processing.

Pallet Transport
A workflow option that allows outbound pallets to be created in RF-SMART’s pallet staging table for processing.

Pallet Shipping
This is used to ship pallets that are staged for shipping.

Print Pallet Label
This is used to print labels for staged pallets.

Shop Floor Control

This function performs the Clock-In function within Shop Floor.


This allows an employee to clock-out of a job.

Job Registration

This performs the job registration in the Shop Floor application when job scheduling is being used.

Job Feedback

Within Job Registration, users can provide feedback to production jobs when job scheduling is being used.


Item Requirements
This performs the packing slip update using the Item Requirements function within the Project module.

Item Consumption
This performs the Item Consumption function for the item consumption journal within the Project Module and creates/posts the transaction to a Project (Inventory) Journal.


Production Release
Updates a Production Order and allows status change from created, estimated or scheduled to released.

Production Start
Updates/changes the status of a production order from released to started.

Production Route Card Reporting
Allows reporting of elapsed hours and/or quantities against a work center with the Production module.

Production Job Card Reporting
Enables start and stop/times to be recorded against a work center within the Production module.

Production Picking (Pick List)

This is used to pick components that are to be issued to a production order. It uses the pick list journal, accessible from the journal button on the production order form.

Production Receiving 
(Report as Finished)
Reports complete quantities on a production order. This uses the Report as Finished Journal in AX.

Production Receipts 

  • Report as Finished Update
    • This performs the Production Receiving update. In AX this is done from the Update tab on the production order.
  • Production Input Journal Update
    • This performs the Production Receiving function by using the Input Journal function for WMSII.

Create Workflows

Create Planned Order
Creates a planned order in AX.

Create Transfer Order
Provides option to pick, ship and/or receive the transfer order.

Create Production Order
Has option to automatically perform the report as finish.

Create Production Pick List
Creates a production pick list journal (+ or - qty) and has the option to automatically post the journal.

Shipment Receiving
Processes a file or ASN against expected Purchase Orders to create a receiving table for RFS. Allows mult-levels of containers.

Receive by Container
Multi-level compatible; updates the Purchase Order line packing slip.