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Ribbon blenders are highly regarded

Supplier: Fresco Systems Australasia By: Fresco Systems
14 June, 2010

The Fresco Ribbon Blender is one of the highest regarded locally manufactured products available to customers.

Packed with standard features such as integral mounting feet, air purge lip seals, double ribbon and easy acces, the Fresco ribbon blender can also be tailored to meet a specific requirement.

The double ribbon configuration moves products through, constantly circulating them from end to end, making it particularly good for blending minor additives in a mix. The agitator consists of an outer ribbon that moves the product from the ends to the center while the inner ribbon moves the product from the center to the ends.

The agitator design lends itself to mixing low-density free flowing products with a high degree of efficiency and accuracy. Various, standard sizes are available to suit the batch size and bulk density of the material being mixed. Shaft mounted and chain drive geared motors are available as required. The range of ribbon configurations include paddle, single, double or triple ribbons with either end or central discharge.

When filling the blender the operator must cut and tip 20 and 25kg bags of various powders through the minors loading hatch or they can load via various lid configurations from bulk bags, screw conveyors or similar equipment. The lid is fitted with safety switches and is hinged supported by gas stays providing the operator with full and easy access for cleaning between batches.

Fresco's standard range of ribbon blender sizes range from 150 litres up to 4,000 litres and can be constructed in mild steel, 304 or 316 stainless steel with finishes ranging from industrial to pharmaceutical.  

For more information please contact 1800 141 414 or visit www.frescosystems.com.