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Rich River Irrigation Developments

Rich River Irrigation Developments | Irrigation System Surveys, Design & Management

Rich River Irrigation Developments

Rich River Irrigation Developments (RRID) is a multidisciplinary company which started in 1980 and is actively involved in the survey, design and management of irrigation projects, land surveying, environmental engineering and natural resource management.

In 2008, RRID began working with Future Flow and the Northern Victorian Irrigation Project. Throughout these projects RRID has used its vast experience and technology to strategically manage large amounts of data to identify and survey existing irrigation outlets, liaise with landholders to determine on farm irrigation requirements for today and the future, develop options, designs and costings for outlet and channel rationalisation and develop channel reconfiguration options.

RRID works with all facets of the irrigation and farming sector from small family concerns up to some of Australia’s largest agricultural and irrigation companies. Accordingly projects vary from 5ha to 100,000ha for survey/designs and water storages ranging anywhere between 1ML to 10,000ML. This demonstrates capabilities in designing a layout that best meets client’s management objectives for their unique property.

RRID specialises in the following areas:

• G.P.S surveys
• Intensive topographical surveys
• Whole farm plans
• Flood and spray irrigation design
• Project supervision
• Drainage re-use systems and water storage designs
• Subdivisions and development projects
• Community drains

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This firm is a founding member of the Irrigation Surveyors and Designers Group (ISDG), and is an active member of the Irrigation Association of Australia (IAA), The Institution of Surveyors (ISA) and the Spatial Sciences Institute (SSI).

Increasing diversity, RRID established a BAUER dealership over 4 years ago incorporating marketing, designing and maintaining all forms of travelling irrigators from hard hose to the revolutionary pivoting lateral “Centerliner” irrigator.

Working hand in hand with all stakeholders including the earthmoving industry RRID has a very deep understanding of all needs in any project from inception through to completion.

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