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Richardson Electronics

Richardson Electronics, Ltd. is a global provider of engineered solutions, serving the RF and wireless communications, industrial power conversion, and display systems markets. Richardson delivers engineered solutions for its customers’ needs through product manufacturing, systems integration, prototype design and manufacture, testing and logistics.

Finding what is needed to complete a unique manufacturing plan or complex design of a project can often be a daunting task for our customers. They may need only one particular component, or a complete system, to help them develop an effective solution. Richardson Electronics provides the solution. We use the term "engineered solutions" to describe our core engineering and manufacturing expertise in identifying and supporting cost-effective solutions for our customers, which may include product manufacturing, systems integration, prototype design and manufacture, testing and logistics. Approximately 50 percent of the Company’s sales consist of products that are designed-in, modified, manufactured or assembled for customer specific requirements. Economic conditions have accelerated the trend of customers outsourcing engineering services. Through our team of engineers, Richardson has capitalized on this opportunity by providing efficient design services and prototype assembly. We possess the expertise, experience and relationships required to provide our customers with exactly what they need — from the right component to a fully integrated solution — to excel in their respective markets. Richardson is committed to delivering high quality engineered solutions that meet our customers’ requirements on a cost-effective basis.

Our Engineered Solutions strategy enables us to participate in every stage of the design cycle.

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Richardson Electronics is a global provider of Engineered Solutions and component distribution serving RF, wireless, broadcast, industrial power conversation & medical, POS, gaming, industrial, display markets. The Company delivers solutions for its customers’ through integration, prototyping, manufacture, specification & RF testing, logistics & platform design for RFID applications.

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