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Rio Tinto – Innovative Maintenance Solution with Scissor Lift

Supplier: Safetech Tieman Solutions
15 April, 2014

Safetech has designed and built a custom traversing double scissor lift for Rio Tinto in the Pilbara.


Rio needed help to implement a safe and efficient method for maintaining transfer chutes that carry iron ore.


Safetech designed a remotely controlled 8 tonne scissor lift that can be raised and lowered and moved forward or back on tracks that lead into the transfer chutes. The chutes can then be removed for maintenance and later returned and raised back into position. This essentially largely automates the process and eliminates manual intervention.

The scissor lift has 3,000mm travel and an extended height of 4,300mm. All of the controls were designed by Safetech and the scissor lift was manufactured in Safetechs Victorian facility.


Use of the lifts will save Rio Tinto 2 days of manual labour and limit the downtime of the line. Worker safety and injury risk is also improved. These productivity and safety benefits all result in a valuable addition to the bottom line.

Rio Tinto has additionally demonstrated its commitment to Australian engineering and industry by engaging Safetech for this job.