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Robotic Case Packing, Materials Handling & Other Solutions

Supplier: Robotic Automation

Robotic Automation P/L has supplied robotic systems to handle steel tubes into stillages for OneSteel, but then also supplied robotic systems to handle fragile chocolate egg-shells and high-speed case packing of confectionery for Cadbury and Nestlé.

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Flexibility of Robotic Case Packing, Materials Handling And Other Solutions:
Robotic solutions can be applied across an endless gamut of other production tasks. Aside from those already mentioned, the most common in our experience include:

  • Machine Tending
  • De-burring, Grinding, Polishing
  • Water-jet, laser or plasma cutting
  • Spraying
  • Sealing
  • Routing
  • Product Testing

Further demonstrating the possibilities, actual examples of our more wildly varying robotic applications include the cobbling of shoes for people (and even horses), spraying vitreous enamel to toilet bowls, water-jet cutting of automotive carpets, and even an educational robot for The Powerhouse Museum.

Innovation of Robotic Case Packing, Materials Handling and Other Solutions:

In Australia's largest automation facility, Robotic Automation P/L produces custom-designed grippers to handle bags, boxes, bottles, drums, reels (and more) to handle your products. Perhaps you need a robot to pack products into a carton? Why not have the robot also erect the carton itself? No problem. Dual-purpose grippers, multi-grippers and automatic tool-changing stations are our specialty.

Sound Investment of Robotic Case Packing, Materials Handling and Other Solutions:

Robotic Automation P/L's team of qualified and experienced engineers, designers and technicians build an economic, turnkey solution around your production problem to achieve the best result and fastest return on your investment. After extensively testing and proving the complete solution, it is carefully integrated within your production environment.

Reliability of Robotic Case Packing, Materials Handling and Other Solutions:

More than 200,000 Motoman robots are employed in companies worldwide. Motoman's proven, high-speed technologies are exclusively available to Robotic Automation P/L and form the centre of most robotic solutions we design.

The Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) rating exceeds 50,000 hours. This is backed with the option of a 24-hour service contract through the national RA Service network of experienced, factory-trained technicians who draw from our own local store of parts.

Now, and for the future
Today's production lines are fast-changing and market-driven. This in turn drives the need for automation solutions to be more flexible. A readily re-programmable robotic solution is the ideal choice to account for both your current and future needs.

Whatever the shape, consistency or texture…
Single or Multiple product types…
Whether you're moving a 3kg payload or 500kg…
At the speed you demand…

…there's a solution to meet your needs, and an efficient implementation to achieve the earliest return on your investment. 

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Proven Track Record
Some of our "packing, handling and other application" clients include:

  • Caroma, Gainsborough Hardware Industries, Nylex, Protector Technologies
  • Ford, GMH, Mitsubishi, Bridgestone, Air International
  • Cadbury Sweppes, Nestlé, Auto-Bake
  • Aristocrat Leisure, Powerhouse Museum
  • Glaxo Smithkline, Cochlear
  • Blundstone Footwear, O'Dwyer Horseshoes and many more...

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