Robotic parts picking system increases warehouse productivity

Supplier: Treotham Automation
04 April, 2018

With the help of robolink® D and drylin® E products, MATRIUM has built a warehouse assistance system that places individual parts on the appropriate warehouse shelves and is in use every day.

The individual parts are first scanned and then placed on the appropriate shelf by the gripper arm construction. The automated warehouse assistance system illustrates the advantages of the modular robolink® construction kit: According to needs, different components can be combined with each other and the ideal solution for very different applications can therefore be supplied. After the learning phase, the construction can recognise approximately 2,500 different articles.

Technical implementation

Numerous igus® products were used to build the warehouse assistance system. They include robolink® slewing ring bearings RL-D-20-101-38-01000 and RL-D-30-101-50-01000, drylin® E for the motorised linear axis, e-chains®chainflex® cables and iglidur® Tribo-tape. The robolink® articulated arm was fitted with a gripper and mounted on the linear axis. The gripper can therefore be moved up and down and simultaneously bend itself and stretch out to grip individual parts or to place them on shelves.

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