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Robotunits offers a modular automation system based on a revolutionary aluminium extrusion and associated connection technology.

Machine frames, Conveyors, Safety Fencing and Enclosures, Linear Motion Systems are just a few of the Products offered. All are built to customer specifications utilising standard components. This reduces manufacturing time to as little as two days for standard safety fencing or a week for custom built conveyors.

A revolution in the areas of special purpose machine building and industrial automation, the Modular Automation System from Robotunits has taken the traditional construction methods to the next level by offering a system which is completely play-free, user-friendly, and requires no special machining of the components for assembly. The advantages of this system are quicker specification and production times, complete vibration resistance, accompanied by stability comparable to welded steel constructions.

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Based on this revolutionary System, Robotunits offers a whole host of customizable assemblies including Belt Conveyors, Guided Conveyors, Modular Conveyors, Timing Belt Conveyors, Safety Fencing and Linear Motion Units, all of which use standard parts from the Modular Automation System as the basis for their construction. A range of accessories are also available, all coming together to form this unique Modular Automation System. With the support of an experienced and knowledgeable design team, Robotunits works very closely with its customers during every phase of the project in order to achieve the best and most cost-effective solution for the customer.

Robotunits prides itself on offering the "next generation" system for machine construction and automation, which reflects the quality and reliability their customers have come to expect. Every aspect of the system has been carefully developed to ensure that what the customer is promised is what will be delivered. Ongoing product development plays a key role in the success of Robotunits, always striving to offer the most flexible and up to date products. Today, Robotunits services an enormous amount of prestigious customers worldwide, and is the proud holder of a number of innovation awards, a true sign of commitment to the needs of the customer.

Robotunits – the ingredients for your success!

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