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Rock Breakers | Hydraulic

Supplier: Dealquip

Rock Breakers or the Daemo Hydraulic Breakers is the result of continuous research & development and intensive investment.


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Rock Breakers | Hydraulic

Designed to work in

  • Quarries
  • Various construction sites
  • Building disassembly
  • Breaking up roads
  • Housing land development
  • Sewage systems and so much more.

Guaranteed superb quality and up-to-date high technology to you.

Advanced breaking power, stable high-speed percussion and remarkable durability proven in many tough working conditions.

The tool selection is dependant on working materials with accordance to tool appearance.

Generally blunt type is for granite or gneiss, excessively hard rock and not splitting work.

Moil or chisel is for sandstone and weak metamorphic rock into which tool penetrates or on specially hard rocks or reinforced concrete.

Wedge point it used for civil engineering works and breaking flat rocks.

Features of Rock Breakers or Hydraulic Breakers

Enhanced breaking power from proven technology of hydraulic energy and nitrogen gas combination:

  • Cost-saving maintenance with simplified structures and minimum number of spare parts designed for longer durability
  • Shock absorbing special dampers in box type brackets ensure quiet operation with lower noise and little vibration bringing less fatigue to the operators.
  • Higher blow per minute rate results in higher productivity

Features of DMB Series Hydraulic Breakers

  1. Enhanced durability  (obtained R-Marking from MOCIE)
  2. Excellent breaking power at top of the class
  3. Improved work convenience by worker oriented DM8 Series
  4. Diversified in 15 products lines to fit to any work conditions
  5. Excellent performance in any work environments from town to stone mountains and civil work sites
  6. Equipped with BPM Controller adjustable to fit to work conditions
  7. Improved stability by accumulator gas valve direction control
  8. Improved durability by redesigning the T/bolt mounting of Front Head
  9. Improved durability of base frame by strengthening the brackets on all 4 side


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