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Rocla® Sewerage Pump Stations

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Rocla® Pump Stations are used to pump sewerage from one level to another or into the treatment works and are generally located in low lying areas in order to service the maximum area with a gravity sewer.

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The size of the Pump Station will depend largely on the pumped flow and this will be a function of the pump size and supporting items to be housed.

Rocla® Pump Stations are generally designed to take into account local requirements. Pump Stations are manufactured in modular lengths for ease of installation on site and are available with a multitude of cover and surround arrangements.

Pump Stations Installation Procedure

Rocla® Pump Stations can be installed simply and quickly by the same pipe installation crew. The following steps are a general guide to demonstrate a typical installation. Further information should be sought from the project design details and the supervising authority prior to commencement of installation.

The Pump Station can be supplied with a precast base or can be installed on an insitu base.

Site Preparation

Ensure that there is a firm area to receive the Pump Station units and components.


The Pump Station should be installed on a firm bed with sufficient bearing capacity, reference should be made to the specifying authority guidelines or supervising engineer to determine the bearing capacity of the soil.

Some specifications call for a bottom unit to be placed first (at the bottom of the installation).

The bottom unit has a double reinforcing cage to provide extra strength for the unit to cater for any concrete plug that may be cast into the lower section of the Pump Station.

To ensure a water resistant joint, all joint surfaces must be clean and undamaged. Mud, sand, concrete and other foreign materials must be removed to ensure a sound and water tight joint.

Once the joints are cleaned, apply the Rocla® Sewer Access Primer (a bituminous liquid primer) by brush to both joint surfaces prior to placement of the Rocla® Sewer Access System Sealing Compound strip to the outer joint surface as shown. The rebate should be mortared from the inside with an epoxy mortar such as EPIREZ 633 or as approved by the specifying authority.

The outside of the Pump Station shaft should be primed with the Rocla® Sewer Access System Primer and a bituminous tape should be applied to the exterior joint.

Some specifications also call for a stainless steel strap to be bolted to the external joint as shown.

The backfill material shall be as per the specifying authority guidelines.

The components of the Pump Station should be selected in order to minimize inlet and outlet pipes penetrating through a joint.

Pump Stations Applications

Rocla® Pump Stations are available in nominal diameters ranging from 1500mm to 3000mm.