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Rogro Machinery Sales was formed as a separate company to market the range of zero-till machines manufactured by Spring Ridge Engineering at its factory in Spring Ridge NSW.

Machines manufactured include the Zero-till Master plus, and the Rogro Bitza Zero-till Planter. A wide variety of planter component parts such as press wheel assemblies, vee press wheel assemblies, chain harrows, trip release units, marker arms, and double disc assemblies are also manufactured.

Spring Ridge Engineering has been at the forefront of the Zero-till method farming and many hours have been spent developing machines which will do the job. Results over the last 10 years have been most satisfying as shown by yields achieved by farmers over a wide variety of crops grown in climatic and soil situations

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Conservation farming is the future in broad acre crop farming and not so broad acre cropping. Trials and economics have shown us that The faster we can plant crops, with the least amount of soil disturbance will result in a better return, whilst conserving valuable paddock moisture.

Rogro Machinery has developed the Rogro and Bitza planters units, along with the associated planter frames. These units have developed over the years into today's proven planter units, independent trials have supported the performance of these planters.

The Rogro planter units are either disc or tine or both disk and tine, enabling you to have a planter that suits your area, rainfall and cropping type. In addition the same units can be used for planting summer or winter crops, just change the planter unit spacings on the planter frame to suit your crop and planting rate.

You can choose between planting seed or fertiliser or both seed and fertiliser in the one pass, just select the options on the planter.

The Rogro and Bitza planter units will allow you to plant into the heaviest stubble, conserving time and moisture.

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