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Supplier: CST Composites

With OHS concerning a lot of employers, many are turning to carbon fibre rollers to save weight.

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These rollers can be reverse-engineered from your existing components, or we can custom manufacture to the specifications that you require.

We can make rollers in any size up to 300mm ID with any wall thickness, as well as organising and machining ends and protective finishes.

Features and benefits of CST carbon fibre rollers

Low Weight

  • Reduction of bearing loads
  • Reduced bearing size/cost
  • Easier to handle
  • Vibrates less

Corrosion Resistant

  • Suitable for harsh environments
  • No rust build-up

Low Rotational Inertia

  • Faster speed changes
  • Safer and faster emergency-stops
  • Reduce/eliminate drive mechanism
  • Reduce/eliminate web stretching/scratching

High Specific Stiffness

  • Enables longer roller length
  • Less roller deflection
  • Reduced whip runout
  • Decreased roller diameter
  • Reduces rotational inertia

Higher Critical Speed

  • Faster line speeds
  • More production

Thermal Stability

  • Dimensional stability over a wide range of temperatures
  • High temperature resins enable rollers to be used in all environments


Robotics have thousands of uses, from stamping, to packing, to sorting or measuring. Our carbon fibre tubes are ideal as robotic arms because they are:

  • Stiff – allows the robot arm to be accurate
  • Light weight – allows the robot arm to move quickly
  • Strong – ideal for multiple robotic applications

Pressure vessels

Pressure vessels are used in the aeronautical, marine, automotive and mining sectors. Our pressure vessels are produced using our filament winding technology. We can engineer and manufacture composite pressure vessels, to your specifications

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