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Roofsafe Safeguard Partnership Programme

Supplier: Roofsafe Industrial Safety
22 April, 2009

Roofsafe Industrial Safety (RIS) is Australia’s leading specialist Height Safety and Confined Space Company with a National branch infrastructure manned by over 70 trained employees. It offers a wide range of products from engineered systems to personal protective equipment, as well as comprehensive services including risk assessments, design and installation of height and confined space safety systems, product support, inspection and recertification, service operations and client staff training.

The Safeguard Partnership Programme is designed to help companies more effectively manage their risk where staff have to work at height or in confined spaces. The programme significantly reduces the risk to companies, their management and their staff by sharing the responsibility for the development and implementation of height and confined space safety systems and processes – as well as the supply of appropriate equipment and the training of staff in its use. The programme offers significant cost reduction opportunities to companies currently using multiple height safety and confined space providers by enabling them to consolidate these services in one high quality specialist company.

The First stage of The Safeguard Partnership Programme comprises a complete site audit, covering every aspect related to any requirement to work at height or in confined space. The audit report includes detailed risk assessments and the application of the Hierarchy of Control to identify how each risks can be eliminated or reduced. The report then details all the recommended equipment and actions to control and minimise those risks.

The Second stage of The Safeguard Partnership Programme involves the supply of equipment identified from the risk assessment. RIS have their own team of specialised project designers and engineers as well as a specialised engineering and fabrication workshop enabling us to work with architects, builders and engineers to design and build complex engineering structures and specific safety system solutions. These product design teams are supported by RIS specialised equipment installers located in each of the RIS branches across australia.

This tight knit relationship between designer, manufacturer and installer guarantees the most professional and responsive service to our customers.At the time of commissioning and hand over of equipment, detailed Work Method Statements are provided along with all necessary specialist equipment and appropriate operator training.

The lasting commitment of The Safeguard Partnership Programme is perhaps the most critical aspect of the programme as it ensures the highest level of safety possible is safeguarded through the monitoring of the ongoing adherence to the safety products and systems.This ensures compliance with all applicable Australian Standards, Regulations and Codes of Practice which can dictate regular inspection and recertification of height and confined space equipment – from engineered systems to personal protective equipment.

Australian Standards also mandate competency based training for staff required to work at height or in confined spaces – as well as training for those managing such activities or purchasing related equipment.

Under The Safeguard Partnership Programme RIS work with clients to prepare a Service Level Agreement which covers the following activities:-

  • Annual inspection and recertification of engineered systems and confined spaces equipment.
  • Annual high level risk assessment of any new plant operations introduced during the period of the agreement, along with recommendations on equipment and training needs.
  • Bi-annual inspection of personal protection equipment. as part of this service RIS offer to replace any non-conforming product.
  • Annual or bi-annual competency based training. RIS accredited training courses cover the full spectrum of training needs from basic refresher courses to in-depth, 3 day, training courses.Training can be undertaken either at RIS training centres, at the customer’s premises or via the web.

Inspection and recertification of equipment and competency based training of staff are recorded on our industry leading RIS Safeguard data base system ensuring the on-going timely compliance testing of equipment and the updating of staff competency based training. The RIS Safeguard database system is available to clients as part of the Service Level agreement.

Where appropriate, RIS can organise leasing arrangements that cover all aspects of the Safeguard Partnership Programme.

The Safeguard Partnership Programme truly safeguards our clients, their management and their staff from the risks normally associated with working at height or in confined spaces.

This is a partnership that provides RIS clients with complete Peace of Mind – knowing that they are supported by the skills,knowledge and experience of the industry’s leading experts.

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