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Rope Tension Meters | Piab

Supplier: Specialised Force

Specialised Force are the authorised Australian distributor for the Piab range of dynamometers, rope tension meters, overload protection systems, and more.

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Features of Piab Rope Tension Meters:

  • The PIAB RTM is very simple and handy to use. Simply hold and "clip" it to the rope to be tested and use the large hand screw to deflect the rope to a fixed angle.
  • The resultant force will then affect the load cell and measure the tension in the wire rope. The resultant signal is then digitally processed and displayed in a graduation selected and pre programmed. The PIAB RTM 20D can be graduated in kN, klbs or in ton.

Range of Application for Rope Tension Meters:

  • The PIAB RTM 20D was designed to swiftly and accurately measure the tension in fixed or stationary ropes or cables i.e. guy wires for masts and/or towers or other guyed constructions.
  • The RTM 20D will also be very useful in determining the tension in overhead suspension ropes for railways catenarys. The PIAB RTM 20D can be used to measure tension forces up to 20 metric ton and for wire ropes with a diameter of up to 38 mm.
  • Thanks to the use of microprocessor technology the PIAB RTM 20D can be calibrated on up to 10 different wire rope dimensions/types. The digital read out display will clearly show the tension of the wire rope selected. No calibration tables are required.

Rope Tension Meters - Safety:

The PIAB RTM 20D is a delicate testing instrument for swift, handy and accurate testing of pre tensioned stationary ropes. Thanks to the design of the instrument it can temporarily be overloaded up to 100% of its nominal capacity without affecting the accuracy of the instrument.

Thanks to tempered outer rope supports and centre clamping jaw will give the instrument a long service life for accurate measurements. The RTM 20D is delivered in a robust and light weight transport case (760 x 400 x 170 mm) for easy handling and protection of instrument.