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Rotacaster Wheel

Rotacaster Wheel | Safe & Fast Manual Material Handling

Rotacaster Wheel

A story of Australian ingenuity, innovation and passionate determination. We've invented the solution to an age-old problem. Think about the wheel...moving backwards and forwards, now imagine the unthinkable, a floor wheel that can move independently in all directions.

The Rotacaster Wheel, an omni-directional, multi-purpose wheel with unrivalled manoeuvrability, unlimited potential and one of the only alternatives to the traditional floor swivel castor. Realising the wheel's potential to make life quicker, easier and safer across a broad range of applications, in 2008 Rotacaster hit the market with a series of manual handling products.

Utilising the manoeuvrability and functionality of the Rotacaster omni-directional wheel, we have created practical equipment solutions that reduce workplace injury while increasing productivity.

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"At Rotacaster Wheel Limited, we truly believe our unique products have the potential to revolutionise workplaces by offering real equipment solutions that create a safer working environment. With core values such as safety, quality and innovation, our award winning company strives to design ergonomic products that are practical and that will reduce overall costs by reducing workplace injury and increasing productivity."

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