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Rotary Cutters XH1500/XH1000 - Series 3

Supplier: Schulte Sales Australia

Schulte's all new XH1500 and XH1000 Rotary Cutters offer unparalleled cutting performance for demanding commercial and agricultural use.

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Increased blade tip speeds and greater space under the deck contribute to clean cutting in all conditions. A center suspension system reduces stress to the rotary cutter and the tractor.

Industry leading transport clearance improves performance in rough terrain. New low maintenance constant velocity tractor drive shafts require weekly, rather than daily service.

Highlights of XH1500/XH1000 Rotary Cutters - Series 3:

  • Single domed, sweep clean deck design eliminates excess weight over competitive double deck designs, eliminates build up of debris and prevents rusting on top side of deck
  • Tandem walking axles result in smooth operation over rough surfaces
  • Increased frame depth & blade tip speed results in a superior flow of material
  • With larger 24" aircraft tires, transport height is increased to 17.5" along with improved performance in wet conditions
  • Lower pressure 8" stroke hydraulic phasing cylinders for a level lift
  • Low maintenance Constant Velocity Tractor Shaft or Patent Pending 540rpm Equal Angle Hitch available
  • Center suspension reduces stress on tractor drawbar
  • 3/8? thick formed deck protection rings prevent blade to deck contact
  • Double safety chains with individually replaceable links are standard equipment
  • Large high horsepower gearboxes with 1-3/4" input shafts and 2-3/8" output shafts, 260hp divider, 190hp center & wings
  • Higher slip clutch release settings than previous design ensures better performance in rough cutting
  • 1/4? thick stump jumpers with patent pending Pentagon Blade Bolt design allows cutter sections to ride over obstructions

Standard Features of XH1500/XH1000 Rotary Cutters - Series 3:

  • Blade pans have ?" thick skins and flat blade bar
  • Blade bolts with pentagon lock and pentagon sleeve
  • High capacity 5 bolt wheel hubs
  • Replaceable axles
  • Integrated center and wing transport locks
  • Wings float 35° up to 25° down without pumping hydraulic cylinders
  • Large diameter two plate clutches with nitrided surfaces
  • Free floating hitch
  • Leveling adjustments on each wing
  • Retractable wing wheels for narrow transport
  • Double chains front & rear

Specifications of XH1500/XH1000 Rotary Cutters - Series 3:

  • Cutting width: 180" (4.57m)/126" (3.20m)
  • Overall width: 190" (4.83m)/139" (3.53m)
  • Overall length: 192" (4.88m)/192" (4.88m)
  • Transport width, min: 88" (2.24m)/88" (2.24m)
  • Transport height: 88" (2.24m)/88" (2.24m)
  • Deck thickness: 7GA (3/16") (4.6mm)/7GA (3/16") (4.6mm)
  • Weight. approx.: 5800 lbs (2636kg)/5200 lbs (2364kg)
  • Hitch weight, approx.: 1900 lbs (864kg)/1700 lbs (773kg)
  • Minimum tractor HP: 65 HP (52kW)/50 HP (45kW)
  • Recommended tractor HP: 85 HP (67kW)/75 HP (60kW)
  • Cutting height: 1.5" to 17.5" (38 to 456mm)
  • Ground clearance: 17.5" (444mm)(with 24" tire)
  • Cutting capacity: 4" material (102mm)
  • Blade overlap: 6.5" (165mm)
  • Divider gearbox rating: 260 HP (194kW)
  • Centre/wing gearbox rating: 190 HP (142kW)
  • Blade tip speed: 540 rpm
    • Centre: 848 rpm, 15,493 ft/min (4874m/min)
    • Wing: 986 rpm, 15,991 ft/min (4721m/min)
  • Blade tip speed: 1000 rpm
    • Centre: 850 rpm, 15,743 ft/min (4884m/min)
    • Wing: 1002 rpm, 16,022 ft/min (4798m/min)
  • Wing working range: 25° down to 90° up

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