Royal Canin: Implementation of Microsoft NAV ERP

Supplier: Fenwick Software
21 January, 2010

Royal Canin chose Navision as its ERP system in 1997 and has worked closely with the Danish company, Columbus IT, ever since, extending Navision to meet the specific requirements of its pet food business.

Royal Canin is now rolling out Navision throughout the world. In Australia, Royal Canin has chosen Fenwick Software, to work with them and Columbus IT, to implement Navision locally. Dominique Vandamme, Royal Canin’s Chef de Projet, for whom it was his nineteenth implementation, rated Fenwick Software the best people he had worked with anywhere in the world.

Royal Canin, Lean Production and Total Quality
For nearly seven years now, Royal Canin has been implementing true strategic, commercial and technical change focusing on quality. The industrial investments made by Royal Canin made it possible to reengineer the Group plants to the quality standards for very up market products and to build plants that are modern, innovative and, primarily, competitive.

By bringing all functions closer, the redesigning of flow development plans makes it possible for the new plants to be brighter, simpler (in-line just-in-time production), more compact and flexible, better controlled and therefore with a greater reaction capability.

Each located in the heart of its market, the plants of Cambrai and Aimargues in France, of Rolla in the USA, of Descalvado in Argentina, of Johannesburg in South Africa and of Moscow in Russia, enjoy a decisive edge in terms of reaction capability, adaptation and logistical costs.

By considering man as a player in the process, Royal Canin gives its salaried staff a key role in the production process. Taking account of everyone’s opinion and commitment to constant improvement, to their own work stations as well as throughout the factory, is an essential element in Royal Canin’s industrial strategy.

More about Royal Canin
In the field of canine and feline nutrition, some manufacturers put the owners first and use them as the basis of all innovation. Royal Canin puts the dog and the cat at the heart of the research process: this is a radically different approach.

Founded in 1967 by Dr. Jean Cathary, a veterinarian, Royal Canin is now a 742 million euro business of which over 82 per cent is achieved outside France; a performance which makes Royal Canin one of the most internationally focussed French businesses.

Represented today in 90 countries worldwide, the Royal Canin brand is the European market leader in health nutrition for dogs and cats. Royal Canin has factories in France, South Africa, USA, Brazil, Argentina, and Russia with two more planned, one in UK and one in Poland.

"We chose Fenwick because of their staff’s knowledge of manufacturing and distribution systems and their extensive experience with the Navision product. Our international roll-out Chef de Projet, rated them the best he had worked with anywhere in the world," said John van Wyk, General Manager, Royal Canin Australia.

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