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Royce Water Technologies

Royce Water Technologies Pty. Ltd. Is a privately owned independent company committed to providing innovative solutions specifically for the Australian water and wastewater marketplace. Industries serviced include Municipal, Aquaculture, Automotive, Chemical, Dairy, Food & Beverage, Mining, Petrochemical, Plating, Power Generation and Pulp & Paper. All the products listed and supplied by Royce Water Technologies Pty. Ltd. come from the industry's world leaders or up and comers in their field of expertise.

Ametek Jofra – Instrumentation calibration equipment in Temperature and Pressure
AquaMetrix – Controllers, transmitters and sensors in pH, ORP, conductivity, flow, velocity, free residual chlorine measurements.
BYO-GON – A biological stimulant for reduction of odours in waste collection systems; reduction of fats; oils and greases in grease traps; reduction of filamentous bulking; reduction of sludge, MLSS and MLVSS.
Chemscan – On-line Chemical and nutrient analysers water and wastewater treatment processes - ammonia, BOD, COD, nitrate, nitrite, chlorine, phosphate, turbidity.
LTH Electronics – Contactless conductivity sensors and controllers.
Royce Technologies – On-line and portable instrumentation in dissolved oxygen, suspended solids, sludge blanket level, interface level, pH/ORP.
Sonic Solutions – Algae control in water storeage ponds and dams.
Tekleen – Automatic self cleaning filters.

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We welcome your enquiry. All our staff have many years of experience with both product and applications and are genuinely focussed on providing the best possible solution for whatever you application requirement may be.

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