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Rubber Industry: why dry ice cleaning?

Supplier: Cryonomic
16 October, 2012

With Cryonomic's dry ice cleaning for the Rubber Industry, you benefit from a drastic decrease in the time of removing residue and mould release agents.

You benefit from savings related to: A considerable reduction of cleaning time of moulds, presses, injectors, mixers and machinery, production equipment, production lines; and an increase of the lifetime of the moulds.

Technical arguments for the use of dry ice cleaning include: A method significantly faster and more efficient compared to any other cleaning system; non-abrasive cleaning: absolutely no wear to cleaned surfaces increasing the life of moulds, machinery and production equipment; guarantee of a high quality finish to your manufactured products; a cological & economic: dry ice leaves no trace and does not create any additional waste to be processed; and a significant increase in productivity due to reduced production stops resulting from cleaning without disassembly/reassembly or cooling down.


Testimonial by Mr. C. , director of the company V., a manufacturer of rubberised parts with customers in both SMEs and multinational companies (March 5th 2007).

“Prior to introducing the CRYONOMIC dry ice cleaning system, the cleaning of moulds had to be carried out on a 5-day a week cycle using blasting with abrasives. This was not only very labour intensive but also left secondary waste, which had to be brushed up and removed. In addition the abrasiveness of the blasting eroded our moulds, necessitating them to be frequently replaced. We had already tried solvents, sprays, brushes, etc. .. and thought there was no better method possible than ours. I too thought this way, a point of view I changed after reading an article on dry ice cleaning in rubber tyre production. I decided to give it a try in our production; After testing and economically evaluating I quickly realised that the introduction of dry ice cleaning would save a lot of
money. Moulds remain 100% intact and the quality of our finished products has clearly improved. Our choice was clearly CRYONOMIC: reliable, efficient, highly economical, ergonomic and easy to use by any of our operators.”

“The results exceeded all expectations; we have dramatically reduced the cleaning time on each of our moulds from eight hours to just 30 minutes, more than 90%. Dedicated cleaning cycles are no longer required as preventative maintenance schedules can be adopted which allow for equipment cleaning during production periods. We are able to clean the moulds on line whilst they are still at 300°C, thereby saving the company around 7 hours in downtime.”