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Supplier: Safe Access Solutions
19 August, 2008

The company philosophy and mission behind Safe Access Solutions is to eliminate where possible or otherwise; substantially reduce the risks associated with working at heights and equipment guarding – both in the workplace and around the home.

Its products and services are proudly Australian made and owned and support local business entirely.  Quality, innovation, simplicity, affordability and services are the foundation of its business.

Company Overview

Safe Access Solutions Pty. Ltd was formed in early 2008 and acquired the business of Miniskaff, trading as Adform Products Pty. Ltd. in May 2008.  The business has been around since 1992 and has had a chequered past with a diverse range of owners and conflicting viewpoints, which would be fair to say has somewhat hampered the potential of this business up until now.  

The business commenced as a small and humble operation in Adelaide and originally was set-up to manufacture and market the Miniskaff domestic safety platform, primarily to homeowners.

The Miniskaff at the time was a product that had developed a niche with no real competitors and to this day it remains the only product of its type that addresses domestic safety issues associated with eliminating the use and risks of ladders.  

The appeal of the Miniskaff is its unique “patented” design, which uses a “Bell Swage” and small modular frames that interlock like “Lego” pieces and eliminate the need for traditional scaffolding as an alternative to ladders.  

This coupled with its portability, lightweight design (using tubular “galvabond” steel), easy storage and assembly and no requirement for a licensed or qualified scaffolder (up to a legal height of four metres) provide plenty of appeal to the domestic marketplace.  

Early sales exceeded expectations and the company underwent modest growth, which enabled it to re-invest and develop new products to further enhance its market position.

With the success of the Miniskaff, a new range of products using the same-patented technology was developed for the Industrial sector and was called the Maxiskaff.

This product was developed using a higher grade and different gauge steel and underwent rigorous engineering and compliance tests to ensure it met with AS/NZS 1576 & AS 1657.  

Furthermore, the Maxiskaff underwent and gained certification for these designs as Registered Plant pursuant to the 1995 NOHS for Plant.  One of the claims to fame at the time was that the Maxiskaff provided the first approved mobile work safety platforms, again, which provides a cost effective alternative to traditional scaffolding and costly mobile access equipment.

The business continued to grow and in Adelaide, it has developed strong brand recognition on the back of more consistent marketing campaigns (including print & TV) and an improved budget.

Further “niche” products that have been developed include the Maestor Stage and Seating Systems. These products address age-old problems of logistics, storage and labour associated with traditional products in this space.

Using the patented “Bell Swage” the ease with which the Maestro systems can be transported, stored and assembled is far superior to any other product available in the marketplace (according to Safe Access Solutions) and have been successfully sold to schools, clubs and pubs, local government and sporting bodies.  The quality of this product (particularly noise proofing) is superb and on price you will not be able to find a comparable product.

One of the critical aspects of any business is the capability of its people and the ability to respond and identify the changing needs of the market as well as the ability to think outside of the square to provide solutions others cannot or struggle to comprehend.  

Safe Access Solutions calls this area of its business Maxi-Custom. The skills, talent and quality of its staff are second to none in this sense, with the scale of customised projects it has delivered and satisfied corporate client base; any organisation would be proud of.  

Industries that its Maxi-Custom products have been developed and implemented include mining, construction, manufacturing, aerospace and petroleum.  This is a real testament to the capacity of this business to address almost any issue from concept to implementation, delivering real customer satisfaction and “Value Add”.

In addition to its products and custom design capability, it is also proud to offer to its clients, specialist labour hire, recruitment, contracting and consulting services. It has a strategic alignment to its sister company: IQ Business Solutions, which in conjunction with itself, can offer a genuine and value for money, quality service unlike the status quo within this sector.

Safe Access Solutions says that what makes it different is its industry credibility and experience, which means you will work with people who have the expertise, life and work experience that enable them to genuinely understand your needs and organisational constraints and; will not feed you a line or spin a sales pitch.  Between its two companies it says that it has a diverse national and International network, which employs and utilises industry leading systems and processes to source the most difficult to find candidates and provide highly competitive pricing where you actually get the quality for what you pay.  

Moving forward, the company in its new form is rapidly developing new products and enhancements to the existing portfolio, to set the platform and footprint of a truly national and ultimately, international business.  With a strong focus on sales and marketing, operational enhancements including new facilities and equipment, the business is on a definitive mission to position itself as the industry leader.

Business Principles

The Principal Directors from Safe Access Solutions Pty. Ltd. bring to the business a wealth of business improvements and development experience. They wish to retain the small family business nature on which the business was founded, whilst improving business operating procedures and practices, offering unsurpassed customer service and employee satisfaction.

Safe Access Solutions Pty. Ltd. is committed to developing a company that recognises the value of its product, people and customers.

-    Service -  A more relaxed, open and honest approach

-    Customers  - Fair and reasonable margins, open book corporate pricing

-    Management practices  - Responsive, honest, genuine and human

-    Employees – Respect, Integrity, honesty, open and rewarding and fun.

Its current and future products will respond to the needs of its customers and focus on providing real solutions to.

- Safety
- Productivity
- Quality

Whilst providing a compelling: “Value-Add” proposition that will add to the bottom line, customers from Safe Access Solutions will benefit through its commitment to offering:

- Strategic Partnering – Valued distributors and franchises
- Profitability – Win/Win Outcomes
- Reliability – Product performance and on time delivery

The Vision, Values & Objectives


- To build the capability of its business to deliver: “Real” Safety Solutions and Awesome client experiences on a truly national and international scale, whilst maintaining local manufacturing.


- The foundation of its business is built on Trust.  It trusts its people, it trusts its instincts and it trusts the choices and decisions it makes.

- Each day and at every opportunity, it takes the time to laugh, have fun and enjoy each other’s company and celebrate its success.

- It values and respects everyone by listening, being open-minded and being appreciative of individual differences.

- It encourages innovation by creating an environment where all ideas can be discussed openly and investigated as to their merits, by consensus. 

- Creative vision, foresight, adaptation and commercialisation is rewarded and recognised.

- It is passionate about its products, its customers and its staff, who all possess the desire to contribute to the business and ensure its success.  It encourages and fosters pride in its business.

- Each and every day it faces challenging situations and as a business it empowers its people to have the courage to make a decision, taking into account the needs of the business and its clients, knowing they are supported in whatever decision is made.


- To be the recognised leader in providing a diverse range of access solutions

- To deliver unsurpassed customer service and recognition

- To deliver value-add solutions to all customers and strategic business partners