Safe grip anti-slip stair nosing features at Cotter River projects

Supplier: Global Safe Technologies By: Tibor Bode
15 July, 2012

The architect for the first stage of the Cotter River project had specified the Safe Grip anti-slip stair nosing as a sustainable, slip-resistant and disability-standard compliant solution in 2010.

The project was part of the revitalisation of the heritage listed Cotter pumping station which was originally built around 1914.

The award-winning large Australian landscape developer had engaged Global Safe Technologies Australia to do the installation of the specified Safe Grip anti-slip stair nosing.

The work was completed to the landscape developer's and the client's total satisfaction in early 2011.

The project had moved onto the next stage and when stair nosing requirements were raised, the landscape developer company had again contacted Global Safe to provide the required solution.

The specification had slightly changed in light of AS 1428.1—2009 Design for Access and Mobility Part 1: General requirements for access — New Building Work Standard Recommendation.

One of the options — Section 11.1 clause (f) — in this standard specifies a strip which is at least 50mm, but no more than 75 mm wide, and at has at least 30 per cent luminance contrast colour, must be placed onto the thread.

This requirement had a misalignment with the Disability (Access to Premises — Buildings) Standards 2010 legislation which is very specific about how luminance contrasted stair nosing should be installed.

The Disability Standards legislation 2010 proposed solution also had an additional advantage, which is providing not only an at least 30 per cent luminance contrasted nosing, but also a slip-resistive one, which should be compliant with the relevant AS/NZS 4586:2004 Slip resistance classification of new pedestrian surface materials referred HB 197:1999 handbook specified slip resistance classification recommended values.

Once the differences and the relevant information were brought to attention a decision was made for the stair nosing installation to be reverted to the Disability Standards 2010 legislation compliant manner — same as it was installed at the pumping station.

The Safe Grip anti-slip surface has an independent high Pendulum Class slip-resistive value which was confirmed on several installation. This high initial slip resistance and the product's accelerated wear test result will ensure the surface slip resistance will provide a sustainable, slip-resistance standard compliant surface for several years.