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Safe, reliable, productive (Part Two)

Supplier: Pilz Safe Automation
05 March, 2008

Good diagnostics for high productivity. On complex plants in particular, the integrated diagnostic function is an essential part of the overall concept.

Here the company uses the innovative PMImicro diag operator terminals from Pilz. It has three operator keys, four cursor keys and is simple and intuitive to operate. The transflective display increases the contrast in accordance with the ambient brightness. Even when the ambient light is very bright, the display is extremely legible. But there’s quality inside the operator terminals too, for the integrated diagnostic concept PVIS offers users a range of benefits.

With PVIS, the PMImicro diag is all ready to just plug-and-play. All system messages from the PNOZmulti are displayed without any prior configuration.
The PMImicro diag and/or the safety system’s software tool – the PNOZmulti Configurator - provides pre-defined messages for all types of safety devices for plant or machine-specific diagnostics.

That saves a lot of time during configuration. The user can customise every message within his application, from the problem description through to the proposed solution. The operator terminal can therefore be adapted flexibly and precisely to suit each respective application.

Intelligent error management on the PMImicro diag means that during operation it can display the most relevant event. In this case a conscious decision is made to move away from a chronological display, so that the operator receives the most important information at first glance.

That way the user is always up-to-date:  If the machine stops, the display indicates the source and cause of the fault using easy-to-understand plain text messages. The diagnostic unit advises the operator on how to get the machine operating again as quickly as possible. No need for time-consuming troubleshooting; the plant’s availability and productivity is increased.

Regardless of the production process in which the water treatment systems are involved, the integrated Pilz diagnostic and safety concept ensures the highest level of safety and guarantees solutions that are user-friendly, with simple diagnostics and the greatest possible reliability and flexibility. “Pilz is the right partner for us, because the company is the market leader for innovation and quality in this sector”, says Michael Kramp, getting right to the heart of this co-operation.

One-stop shop: from sensor technology to control technology and beyond to diagnostics
The PNOZmulti safety system is multifunctional, freely configurable and tailor-made for use in many areas of mechanical engineering. The system monitors safety functions such as E-STOP, safety gates, light beam devices, two-hand controls or pressure mats, and can also undertake standard control functions. Special feature: instead of wiring, the user creates the safety circuit on the PC using an intuitive configuration tool. The configuration is stored on a chip card and is downloaded to the PNOZmulti base unit.

Various expansion modules are available to extend the modular system; these can be used in any combination to suit every requirement: I/O modules for safety and standard control functions, modules for connection to all common fieldbus systems, plus safe speed and standstill monitors. So the PNOZmulti is as flexible as a controller.

The safety system can be combined with Pilz sensor technology to form a co-ordinated, complete solution for secure safety gate monitoring. Mechanical, non-contact magnetic and coded safety switches are available for safety gate and position monitoring.

In conjunction with the operator terminal PMImicro diag and the Pilz diagnostic concept PVIS, the PNOZmulti offers fast, intelligent, user-friendly diagnostics. Machine manufacturers and system integrators can configure the operator terminal with just a few clicks of the mouse in the PNOZmulti Configurator. Ready-made, pre-installed texts, which can be adapted and expanded at any time, make the task even easier. In the case of a machine standstill, the cause of the fault is indicated on the display in easy-to-understand plain text messages.

But that’s not all: PMImicro diag also displays advice on how to get the machine operating again quickly. No need for time-consuming troubleshooting; advice regarding the right solution is ready and waiting on the machine. That saves around 50 per cent of the time needed to rectify an error.