Safely melted overnight

Supplier: SBH Solutions By: Nigel Smalls
13 April, 2008

Stewart Blake of Hamilton Pharmaceuticals was concerned at the traditional methods used by his company to melt canisters of specialised ingredients.

They were assessed to be a potential risk to product quality and were awkward to handle. He found the solution - LMK high performance heater jackets for 25 litre drums.

Triethanolamine, which is solid at 20ºC, was heated overnight in a designated heating area using a heater base plate.  Undecenoic Acid, which is solid at 23ºC was heated in a water bath because it comes in a plastic drum that couldn't be used with a base plate or heater band.

"Using an LMK jacket has solved a number of problems for us," says Stewart. A jacket can be left safely overnight around a drum on a trolley in the warehouse, rather than in a special area, and can be used on plastic drums as well: a simple, flexible, long lasting solution.