Safetech tilter turns honey into money for brewer

Supplier: Safetech
29 November, 2011

A brewer's application required the decanting of honey from a bulk Pallecon container for the manufacture of a popular craft beer range.

The customer was seeking a product that could automatically tilt the Pallecon containers in a controlled and safe manner

The Problem

The brewery had the problem of fully draining the honey from the Pallecon. This was difficult because of the viscosity of the product.

Product Chosen

Safetech Hydraulic 40 degree tilter

Benefits of this product

  • The installation of the Safetech tilter removed the need to tilt the Pallecon manually and improved the flow of the honey from the Pallecon saving them time and money.
  • Reduced injury risk
  • Improved control of ingredient usage


The company had the choice from a number of manual spring tilters on the market, however choose the electro - hydraulic model for the extra productivity and time saving advantages. Manual spring loaded tilters were not suitable because they relied on having the correct spring compression to tilt the load at required moment. This can be difficult with the product viscosity of honey changing at varying temperatures.