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Safety & Environment - The EcoLogical choice

Supplier: PROMAC International
25 June, 2012

Being environmentally-friendly requires more than a policy on a website.

PROMAC has designed and created machines which provide tangible, measurable and practical results. Whilst a diesel engine is never going to be pollution-free, there's no reason why we shouldn't use the cleanest, most efficient versions.
Environmentally-friendly solutions always seem to be the more expensive option. But here's the clever part – reducing fuel usage saves you money. The fuel savings on the Greenlite are so large, it will pay for itself. Safety of both operator and equipment are two of our most important design criteria. Our goal is to deliver machines which conform to highest possible standards – we will not compromise on safety.
We use only the best quality components from world-renowned manufacturers in our electrical products: Every part is tested during assembly and before delivery to our clients, every machine is fitted with multiple levels of protection and every person deserves to work with safe equipment.