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Safety flooring is manufactured with very high environmental standards

Supplier: Altro Flooring
17 April, 2008

Altro selects all of its raw materials from quality approved suppliers.

The company's unique production processes ensure that the finished product is entirely safe to use and can cause no harm to the environment.

Manufacturing Process

Altro adopts modern fail-safe manufacturing practices, which are designed to ensure the safety and well-being of its employees, the community in which it is located and the customers and users of its products.

Recycling & Recovery

Altro products are deliberately designed and manufactured to give long, trouble-free service. At the end of their life, Altro products may be mechanically recycled for a useful second life or incinerated in a modern facility.

PVC in Use

ltro believes that by manufacturing its products from advanced PVC formulations, it is not only offering customers the safest option but the best environmental choice. For more information contact your local ASF office.