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Sales Force Automation

Supplier: 3G Vision

At 3GBusiness we believe you should "Never ask a human do what a computer can"

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Sales Force Automation

At 3GBusiness we believe you should "Never ask a human do what a computer can" Some of the greatest weakness in most business systems are the numerous disparate systems, the lack of business automation and a simple Action/Task Management system (Workflow Management).

 We believe that people work best when they don't have to perform menial repetitive tasks and when there is a simple clear list of Actions and Tasks allocated to everyone within the organisation.

"3GB CRM enables you to serve more customers"

Some of the features included are the case tracking features which provide numerous tools to maintain and track each individual customer throughout the entire sales process and allocate actions and work items to various teams and departments.

Lead Management is an integral part of the sales automation module. It enables the management of a Lead throughout the entire sales process. Numerous workflow and business automation tools are provided to manage leads from the lead to the close stage.

Business Automation - "Never ask a human to do what a computer can"

  • Automate Sales Tasks
    • Use system, workflow or custom events to auto generate tasks
  • Event Manger
    • Create custom events to automate sales tasks, actions or workflow
  • Messaging Merge
    • Auto create, store and send personalised FESLQ.
  • Share & Use Templates
    • Team specific Sharing and generation of custom FESLQ templates
  • Messaging Editors
    • Create personalised templates for Fax, Email & SMS with DB fields
  • 3GDoc Editor
    • Create template letters, faxes & quotes with Dynamic DB fields
  • Auto Record Creation
    • Contacts and companies are auto created by messaging engine.

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