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Salt Feed Blocks | Big P

Supplier: 4 Season Company

High Phosphorus High Nitrogen.

Price Guide: POA

Most Northern Australian ruminants are known to need extra Phosphorus (P) supplementation. P deficiencies can lead to poor fertility and growth rates in breeding cattle and their offspring. Salt Feed Blocks | Big P offers a blend of P and urea to provide a balance of phosphorus and protein for cattle in a hard pressed 100kg block form.

Phosphorus is critical in helping cows synthesize pasture protein in green feed conditions. Normally, once P levels are satisfied in breeding cows, weight gains occur in green feed conditions by way of better conversion of protein. This higher joining weight, leading to increased fertility levels in supplemented groups of cows.

Because pastures and feed can vary so much from month to month, Salt Feed Blocks | Big P offers excellent nutritional pasture protection for breeding cattle in tropical conditions. Cattle simply help themselves as per their requirement. Initially, consumption of Salt Feed Blocks | Big P could be double normal levels of consumption until cows and heifers balance their diet with pasture. Salt Feed Blocks | Big P is easy and effective to use, and will lift your breeders' pasture performance.

Net Weight: 30kg and 100kg blocks.

Average Consumption Rates:

  • Cattle: 4 blocks per 100 heads per 12 days
  • Sheep: 3 blocks per 100 heads per 45 days

Replace immediately when consumed.

WARNING: This product contains Urea that maybe harmful to animals if not properly adminstered. Do not feed to starving animals or animals in poor condition. Make sure that a bulk of roughage is always available when feeding this product. Do not place this product near dams or creeks as cattle may roll block into water. Do not feed out other Urea products while feeding this product.