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Salt Feed Blocks | Stubblebuster

Supplier: 4 Season Company

A quality protein block for sheep and cattle grazing stubble or dry pasture.

Price Guide: POA

Salt Feed Blocks | Stubblebuster is Australia's largest selling dry feed block, mainly designed for summer grazing of stubble and dry pasture. This block is balanced with protein combinations of urea, bypass meal and crushed lupins, as well as essential minerals and trace elements. Sheep and cattle will clean up stubble and dry feed in paddocks, simply by feeding out this product.


Make the most of your dry feed with Salt Feed Blocks | Stubblebuster. Why waste money on grain and high cost feeds, when you can utilise valuable stubble paddocks, or dry feed areas that would otherwise be of little value?


The nutritional benefits associated with feeding high quality proteins and minerals allows stock to consume and digest more of these dry forage sources than would otherwise happen. Salt Feed Blocks | Stubblebuster increases rumen stimulation, which in turn increases dry pasture digestion. Cattle and sheep will shine on Salt Feed Blocks | Stubblebuster.


Average Consumption Rates:

  • Cattle: Approx. 4 blocks per 100 heads per 7 days
  • Sheep: Approx. 3 blocks per 100 heads per 30 days
  • Note: Average block consumption can double in poor conditions


Net Weights: 20kg and 30kg blocks


WARNING: This product contains Urea that maybe harmful to animals if not properly adminstered. Do not feed to starving animals or animals in poor condition. Make sure that a bulk of roughage is always available when feeding this product. Rain may cause this product to deteriorate. Do not place this product near dams or creeks as cattle may roll block into water. Do not feed out other Urea products while feeding this product.