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Samsung Telephony System

Supplier: Reliance Communications

Comprehensive and flexible call handling, with multiple music on hold sources (different music on hold for each company). This includes multiple group membership (staff can answer calls for all, some, or no departments/companies), PIN numbers, account codes and hot desking (creates reports on different staff using the same handset).

Price Guide: POA

Live voice recording facility. Up to 4 simultaneous calls (expandable to 8). Simply press a button to start/ stop recording on your own handset, or set up auto recording, whereby a call can be auto recorded and placed into a supervisor’s mailbox….eg turn on auto record for 30 minutes on a random basis across your staff..it will be well worthwhile! Or start recording manually for problems or taking changes to an order.

Auto attendant menus and queue announcements…2 levels of menus, and expandable to 8 levels of menus. Each queue has its own announcements and back up announcements. Each company will have its own announcements and greetings.

Caller ID on all lines as required. Essential for CTI (screen pops etc), and call accounting reports.

Multiple group log on/off …be in all or one or no groups….either by a button press, or by supervisor admin programming. Simply join a call answer group or multiple groups. Share staff resources like never before.

I Spy facility….allows you listen in on calls without perception…and to view the number speaking with your office before you decide to listen in….great feature for management and coaching purposes.

ACD Call Centre and statistics are included…..how long to pick up a ringing phone, when did you log off/on, average time in the queue etc…..real management tools.

Voiceover Whisper, whereby a busy extension can be privately spoken to by another extension. The external caller does not hear the voice intrusion, and the intruding extension cannot hear either party (retains privacy for all 3 parties concerned).

Five (5) Party Conference Calls, whereby immediate multi party conferences are available. And the receptionist can organise the conference for you, then withdraw from the conversation (unsupervised conference). The conference links are of extremely high voice quality.

Flexible Direct Dial Answering, whereby any direct dial number can be programmed to ring at any extension or group number(s). Essential for professional multi company operation.

We recommend that you rent the new Samsung system ….it’s more cost effective than purchase (after tax deductions), and provides superior cash flow benefits.

We have included the Professional and Call Centre management software in the package as a mandatory option. Management is essential to measure staff performance, call patterns and marketing trends.

The Samsung is a sophisticated system with simple management controls, and at the right price.

Be assured that Reliance Communications will make it right. We are highly experienced in business and call centre operations, and are accredited with A vaya/Lucent, Alcatel and other systems, plus highly experienced in Lan/Wan/Windows/Frame Relay/VoIP and data integrations. These prestigious accreditations are your guarantee of our staff’s expertise to implement and support.